Providing an experience

Twixl media develops professional, easy and affordable publishing solutions for interactive applications on tablets. Solutions that are simpler to use, simpler to deploy, simpler to maintain, that are cost effective and that provide our customers with a s much independence as possible.

We believe that content consumption will evolve into a much more engaging activity and readers will consume content across different devices and platforms. Our mission is to bring enriched content to the reader and deliver an exciting, powerful and interactive reading experience

We are … designers, copywriters, video-makers, photographs, musicians, developers, … we are publishers and we sell an experience.


We just love our products. Our team is constantly looking for new and useful features that add value to our products. Our sales and marketing people just won’t stop until a potential customer is convinced and wants to close the deal. We are constantly looking for new applications, we brainstorm together with our customers with only one thing in mind: delivering the optimal product by providing the best experience. You can only provide a great experience when there is passion!


We are deeply convinced of the strength of our products and we shout it out loud and clear. But at no point do we want to be perceived as arrogant. We focus on those areas where we can excel, and customer satisfaction is certainly one of them. By helping our customers solve their problems, we can better understand how we can keep improving our products.

No nonsense

This is part of our DNA. This is the way we work, the way we develop, the way we think and this is the reason why our products are so easy in use. On the other hand this is also the way we communicate. Direct, to the point, no surprises.

About our team

Our team is a mix of experienced developers with both a background in graphic design / prepress technology and programmers with experience in iOS and Android development. They enjoy building beautiful and elegant products, always pushing the boundaries to deliver a great user experience. They have a great affinity with publishing in general and they love every minute of building the future of digital publishing at Twixl media.

We live and breathe tablet publishing and we feel at our best when we are free to think and develop without limitations. No nonsense, ease of use, and the ultimate user experience are central to our approach.


Twixl media started as a spin-off of SHpartners, a company that provides custom development services, and that was founded in 1998. In 2007, SHpartners created a separate division to develop custom apps for the iPhone. In June 2010, development got started on a tablet publishing solution for the iPad, and by November 2010, that division released the first tablet publishing tool, only 6 months after the release of the iPad.

In May 2011, Twixl media was established as a separate brand, with Twixl Publisher as the flagship product, and it became a 100% product-oriented company with a focus on tablet publishing.

In May 2012, the Twixl Enterprise Kiosk was announced at Drupa, and in April 2013 the Twixl Distribution Platform became available.

Today Twixl media has a reseller network with about 30 Solution Partners around the world.

Twixl media partners with major players in the graphic industry, and provides integration tools for such products as WoodWing Enterprise and Enfocus Switch.

Twixl media is also a member of The Ghent Workgroup that is defining best practices for publishing and packaging workflows.


This publication contains copyrighted materials that can be used for demo purposes only. The icons, images and movies used in this publication cannot be used in other commercial or non-commercial applications.


Twixl Publisher is available for OS X and Windows.

Only the Twixl Viewer app can be installed on a mobile device.