Twixl Distribution Platform

Two storage options

We offer two Storage options to customers using the Twixl Distribution Platform.


The most convenient and default solution. Issues are stored on Twixl media servers (on Microsoft Windows Azure), and quick downloads are guaranteed as Twixl media uses the Akamai CDN network for content delivery. One stop shopping!
With the Twixl Publisher One Multi subscription you get 5.000 downloads and 25.000 push notifications per year.
With the Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi subscription you get 20.000 downloads and 100.000 push notifications per year.
Extra download credits are available for purchase in quantities of 1.000 downloads.


This is a solution targeted at publishers with higher download volumes. The app management and distribution is provided by the Twixl Distribution Platform.
But for storing the issues, the publisher can use his own storage account on Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, that will be tied to his account on the Twixl Distribution Platform. That way high-voume publishers can be a 100% in control of their download cost.

Subscribers to Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi who opt to use DIY storage get 1.000.000 transactions as part of their yearly subscription fee.

What are "transactions":

  • every request that the Twixl Distribution Platform receives for a download from the subscriber’s storage account
  • every push notification

Extra transaction credits are available in quantities of 100.000 transactions.


Extra download credits can be purchased at €0,0385 or $0.05 per download (in quantities of 1.000).

Extra transaction credits can be purchased for €0,0008 or $0.001 per transaction (in quantities of 100.000).

Credits are not limited to one app, and can be used for different apps on the same customer account.

Upfront online purchase and payment of bundles is required.

Credits are valid for one year, starting from the purchase date.

Open credits expire after one year.


Give print subscribers free access to digital content, or publish apps with restricted access.

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This publication contains copyrighted materials that can be used for demo purposes only. The icons, images and movies used in this publication cannot be used in other commercial or non-commercial applications.


Twixl Publisher is available for OS X and Windows.

Only the Twixl Viewer app can be installed on a mobile device.