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Creation and distribution are two separate things. Many companies will be collaborating with an agency to create their tablet-optimized documents.
Both our Twixl Enterprise Kiosk products offer a different approach for this.

The Twixl Enterprise Kiosk Cloud is an all-in-one product. The app itself is already available from the App Store, and the company can either create enriched publications internally or an external agency could do this as well. In that case the agency would only need to purchase a Twixl Publisher Bronze Edition, a minimal investment.

The Twixl Enterprise Kiosk Server edition provides only the distribution tool. For creating the kiosk applications or the enriched publications a Twixl Publisher Platinum edition will be required (to be purchased either by the company and/or its agency).

Agencies can propose a new publishing concept to their clients. An enterprise publishing concept where the agency manages the publishing platform and creates the publications. The Twixl Enterprise Kiosk Server edition lets agencies offer this service to different customers, and can manage the users and groups profiles per customer.

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