Enterprise Cloud or Server?

There are two different types of solutions for implementing a Twixl Enterprise Kiosk.


Twixl Publisher Enterprise Cloud is a cloud-based solution that runs on Twixl media servers (hosted on the very reliable and secure Microsoft Windows Azure platform).

A Twixl Enterprise Kiosk App Store app that connects to your private content is available as a free download from the App Store.

Twixl Enterprise Kiosk Cloud App

You can manage the users and groups that can access the contents in the Twixl Enterprise Kiosk app. An unlimited number of Twixl-based publications can be created and distributed through the app. PDFs, Office, iWork documents, movies and image colections can also be distributed.

Twixl Publisher Enterprise Cloud, that includes Twixl Publisher to create the interactive content, is offered as a yearly subscription, includes access for 5 users, with an extra access fee per user per month for additional users.

This is the most accessible solution and the easiest to deploy. It’s plug and play. Just create your users, upload your documents and download the app from the App Store.

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Twixl Publisher Enterprise Server is the solution for in-house deployment. The software and the management backend are installed on your own internal web server, and you will also host the contents yourself. All files and all user records will remain within the company network.

Twixl Enterprise Kiosk Server CMS

This solution is available with an unlimited number of Twixl Enterprise Kiosk apps, that can be distributed both via the App Store or via in-house distribution.

This solution, that includes Twixl Publisher to create the interactive content, offers the most privacy and the highest level of independence and does not have a cost per user. It may require, however, more internal support and maintenance.


Learn more about the CMS of the Twixl Enterprise Kiosk.

Private vs Public

How to distribute "private apps" : restricted access apps in the App Store or in-house deployment…

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Twixl Publisher is available for OS X and Windows.

Only the Twixl Viewer app can be installed on a mobile device.