Movies and audio

Movie or audio files can be embedded in the publication. Movies need to be H.264-encoded mp4 files, audio files need to be in MP3 format.

InDesign Media panel

From the Media palette, you can either select a particular frame within the movie or a specific image as the poster frame.

Streaming video
It is also possible to add a link to an external movie using the “Place a video from a URL” option from InDesign's Media palette.

Twixl Publisher Movie panel

Slide shows with lots of display options

Slide shows are easily created with Twixl Publisher. The slide show panel allows to configure many options, such as the transition style, whether or not to show a scroll viewer indicator, whether to auto-play etc.

Slide Show

On the tablet, users are able to view the slide show by simply swiping the image. You can also provide a full-screen slide show, which will be available by double-tapping in the picture.

Scrollable content

The 'Scrollable content' option allows you to add scrollable content to a container frame.

Twixl Publisher Scrollables panel

Optional zooming of that content can be enabled to allow a user to use pinch to zoom.

Image sequence

The Image Sequence option lets a user you walk through a series of images while swiping.

The most frequent application for this is to allow a reader to see a 360 degrees view of an object.

You need a minimum of about 30 images for a fluid sequence.

Panorama VR

A panorama VR lets you view a complete environment in 360 degrees and in 3 dimensions, but also lets you tilt so you can e.g. also have a look at the sky and at the floor within that environment.

In order to use a panorama VR with Twixl Publisher, you need six images that represent the six inner sides of a cube. Several tools are available on the market to generate these six tiles, based on cylindrical or spherical images.


You can add any type of HTML5 animation using a web viewer - either with external, or (for better performance) with embedded html.

HTML5 animations can be created with several specialized tools, such as Adobe Edge Animate or Tumult Hype.

Action buttons

When you convert an object to a button, you’re also able to attach an action to it:

  • Go to first page

  • Go to last page

  • Go to next page

  • Go to previous page

  • Play a sound

  • Play a video

  • Go to page

  • Go to state (of a multi-state object, i.e. slide show)

  • Go to next state

  • Go to previous state
Horizontal and/or vertical orientation

When creating a new publication, you can select whether to support portrait, landscape or both orientations.

Horizontal swipe

Navigating between articles is done by horizontal swiping.

Vertical swipe

Navigation within one article is done by vertical swiping.

Alternatively, you can also opt to have a page with the correct width, but with a length of your preference. That way, instead of navigating vertically from page to page, you can scroll through a longer document (similar to a web page).

Horizontal Swiping Only

When you use this option for a publication, it will place all pages, independent of the number of separate articles (documents and pages), one after the other, horizontally.
There is no vertical navigation.

Page link

You can create a hyperlink that refers to any page within your publication.

URL link

You can create a hyperlink that links to an external URL. On the iPad, tapping such a link will open a browser pop-up window for that URL within the app. Once finished, tapping the "Done" button of the browser pop-up will bring the app back to the foreground.

Mail link

Create a hyperlink that links to an e-mail address with an optional subject. Within the iPad app, tapping such a link will open a mail pop-up window from that email address with an optional subject line. Once the e-mail has been sent, the app returns to the foreground.

Web viewer for external or embedded web content

Any rectangle on a page can be turned into a Web Viewer, which allows you to add dynamic web content to your application. Integrate live content such as a Twitter feed, display scrolling text on a page, or run HTML5 applications within your publication.

Select a rectangle, then use the 'Web Viewer' panel to enter the URL you want to display within its boundaries.

Twixl Publisher Web Viewer panel

Embedded web content enables the use of web viewers even when a user is offline. A typical application would be HTML5 animations. All local content, including assets, JavaScript, etc., is then placed in a WebResources folder within the same folder as that of the InDesign book.

Web overlay

A web overlay is a modal web viewer that is displayed as an overlay on top of your page. The 'Web Overlay' will always be positioned in the center of the page and add a level of transparency to the rest of the page.

The user will trigger the web overlay by tapping a button.

Table of contents support

You can use InDesign's built-in Table of Contents feature to automatically generate a Table of Contents page for your publication.

The table of contents can optionally be displayed in the tablet app.

Analytics options

Twixl Publisher allows you to integrate analytics in your publications.

One the one hand, there is built-in support for analytics in the Twixl Distribution Platform (note that this works for kiosk apps only). On the other hand, it is possible to integrate Google Analytics.

The following items will be tracked:

  • Visited articles
  • Visited pages inside articles
  • Slides viewed on a page
  • Movies and sounds viewed on a page

Slide Show

All interactive objects that you define using the Twixl Publisher plug-in (slide shows, movies, etc.) can have their own analytics name to simplify reading the analytics data afterwards.

Creating a build

If you want to create a "real" build of your application, a preference setting for that publication must be available.

Three types of provisioning profiles can be stored in the Preferences section, depending on the type of build you want. You can use drag-and-drop to add the provisioning profiles to the Preferences.

  1. "App Store" build
    Use the "App Store" provisioning profile created in the iOS Provisioning Portal to create a build that can later be submitted to the App Store.
  2. "Ad hoc" build
    iOS developers have the opportunity to distribute their application outside of the App Store on up to 200 different devices. Use the "Ad Hoc" provisioning profile created in the iOS Provisioning Portal to distribute a build of your publication internally.
  3. "Enterprise" build
    iOS developers enrolled in the Enterprise program have the opportunity to distribute their application outside of the App Store and without any device limit. Use the "Enterprise" provisioning profile created in the iOS Provisioning Portal to distribute a build of your publication within the whole company.

Once you have stored the settings for your publication in the Twixl Publisher Builder Preferences and have added at least one type of Provisioning Profile, you are ready to create a build of the app.

Once your build is finished, you are ready to distribute your app.

Creating “multi-issue” or "kiosk" applications

With Twixl Publisher, you can create "multi-issue" or "kiosk" applications that allow you to add issues in your apps, optionally using in-app purchases, subscriptions, etc.

The Twixl Distribution Platform, available to all subscribers of Twixl Publisher One Multi or Unlimited Multi, allows publishers to manage and store content for multi-issue app store apps created with Twixl Publisher.

Single-issue (standalone) vs. multi-issue (kiosk) apps

There is an important difference in the distribution model of single-issue apps vs. multi-issue apps:

  • single-issue apps are always downloaded through the App Stores, and these stores provides the infrastructure and bandwidth (at no extra cost), independent of the number of downloads.
  • with multi-issue apps, only the empty app is distributed via the App Store. In order to provide the in-app purchase and subscriptions options, Twixl provides the Twixl Distribution Platform.
Share via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter

A publication can provide the option to share information via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

A custom sharing message can be defined when building your app.

Bookmarks (favorites)

Any page in a publication can be bookmarked, and an overview of all bookmarks is available in the TOC viewer.


PDF compatible

The Twixl Distribution Platform allows you to publish both .publication files (the native Twixl format) and PDF files. Multi-issue apps created with Twixl Publisher can publish both file types within the same app.

The PDF viewer supports portrait view, 2-up display in landscape view, a thumbnail overview, a table of contents viewer, search, bookmarks and social sharing.
Currently, the PDF support is available for iPad only.

App Store Distribution

Manage and distribute content in multi-issue apps using the Twixl Distribution Platform.

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