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First of all, you need a tool to create your (enriched) content: the combination of Adobe InDesign and the Twixl Publisher plug-in or, or an HTML editing tool if you want to publish HTML-based content.
Then, you need to define the platform(s) where you want to publish your app. Depending on the platform you will need to register as a developer for the respective app stores:

  • For distribution through Apple’s App Store, the standard iOS Developer Program is what you need ($99/yr). For easy in-house distribution, you can also apply for the iOS Developer Enterprise Program ($299/yr).
  • For distribution through Google Play you need to register as a Google Play Developer. A one-off cost of $25.
  • For distribution through Amazon you’ll need to register for free on the Amazon Appstore Developer Portal.

Twixl Publisher also requires that Xcode, Apple’s development environment for iOS and OS X, be installed in order to build apps. Xcode is a free download from the Mac App Store. But trust us, you'll never have to open the Xcode application itself!

Once your app is ready you will be able to publish it on one or more of the app stores or in-house.

For distribution of multi-issue apps, both via the app stores and in-house, our Twixl Distribution Platform provides a management environment as well as a storage facility for the different issues.



A single-issue application, also called “stand-alone”, is a type of app where an update will always replace the original content completely. Typically this type of app is used for branding purposes, and created by agencies. In many cases, this type of content is offered for free.

Volvo Group App

Distribution: A single-issue application will be uploaded as a whole to the app store servers, and once the app has been approved, it will become available in the stores, and from then on, the stores take care of the hosting/bandwidth, independent of whether the app is downloaded 10 times, or 1,000 or even 1,000,000 times. In other words, single-issue apps do not have download fees.


A multi-issue application, also called “kiosk” or “storefront”, allows the publisher of the app to periodically add new content. Typically this is used by print publishers that are bringing their print publications (magazines, newspapers, etc.) to tablets. Within a multi-issue application, every issue can be made available for purchase separately, or via a subscription that will automatically grant access to issues within a given subscription period. Certain content within a multi-issue application can also be offered for free to all users.

Touchpoint App

With multi-issue applications, only the initial empty app will be downloaded through the app stores, all issues are downloaded from within the app, and consequently these issues have to be hosted somewhere.

That’s where the Twixl Distribution Platform comes in: it allows you to manage and host the different issues in a multi-issue app.

Access to the Twixl Distribution Platform is part of the yearly One Multi or Unlimited Multi subscription, and includes a number of free downloads. Extra download fees are $0,05 or €0,0385 per download.

NOTE: For all types of paid applications, and for all in-app purchases and subscriptions, public stores such as Apple’s App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore will get 30% of the revenue.

For multi-issue in-house apps, Twixl Publisher Enterprise provides either a self-hosted or a Twixl-hosted solution, with no "per download" fees.



Publishing via the app stores is the most popular way to distribute your apps. You can publish free or paid apps. Free apps can be distributed without having to pay any extra fees to the app stores (i.e. apart from the cost of the Developer Program). For paid apps, the stores will get 30% of the revenue.

With Twixl Publisher you create the content in InDesign or use HTML-based content, then build an app store app with the Twixl Publisher OS X application, and submit the app to the app stores through their respective portal. You can do this completely independently. After a period of time, you’ll get a notification whether your app is approved (or not), and if it is, it will become available for download in the store.

With Twixl Publisher Single you are able to create as many single-issue app store apps as you need for a yearly subscription fee.
With Twixl Publisher One Multi & Unlimited Multi you are able to create either one or an unlimited number of multi-issue app store apps for a yearly subscription fee. The subscription includes access to the Twixl Distribution Platform to manage and store the issues.


First, there is a major difference between iOS and Android in regards to in-house publishing:
Android apps can be distributed directly to any user or group via any (even non-secure) web server.
On iOS the normal way to proceed is by publishing on the Apple App Store. You can not easily publish directly to an iPad or iPhone, and need to go through a specific procedure Apple calls "provisioning" where all unique serial numbers of the iOS devices you want to use need to be registered. Apple does provide an easier way for broad in-house distribution via the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. Once your application for that program has been approved, you are allowed to publish in-house applications (i.e. within your own company and affiliated parties — to be clear, you are not allowed to publish this type of app to the public).

By making a distinction between public and in-house publishing and by working with a specific Enterprise Program Apple has created a more secure environment for content distribution, which is one of the reasons why iPads have more than 80% market share within the Enterprise market and why many enterprises only allow publishing on iPads and iPhones.

This publishing method is used by large companies, schools, universities, government departments, … to provide their employees with different types of content, e.g. sales reps with data sheets and product presentations and technicians with technical manuals.

With Twixl Publisher, you can create single- and multi-issue enterprise apps for iOS. You can use Twixl Publisher's built-in tools for over-the-air deployment, or you can use your own MDM system to distribute the enterprise apps internally. If you want to distribute a Twixl-based multi-issue app, you'll use the Twixl Distribution Platform to manage the publication content in that app.

With the Twixl Distribution Platform Pro Pack, the Entitlement options allow you to manage the access privileges of Users & Groups, so you can manage who gets access to which type of publication. Password management makes it easy to manage the passwords of a large group of users and you can optionally use categories to structure your content in different sections.

Because iOS Enterprise apps can only be distributed to employees, companies need to resort to publishing their app in the App Store if they want to share content with external target groups like freelancers, resellers, etc. The Twixl Distribution Platform Pro Pack offers "restricted access" options, so that only authorised people can get access to the content, i.e. if you don't have a login, you don't get to see any content in the app.


Once you have finalized your enriched publication, you can create not only the tablet and/or phone version, but also a "web reader" export.

The Twixl Publisher OS X app can generate a set of HTML files that can be deployed on your own web server. It supports all interactive features in the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE11, on desktops and notebooks.


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