At Twixl media we thought we could do our share by developing a tool that makes it possible to translate print designs to digital designs by integrating extra content such as photos, slide shows, audio, video and web content into a seamless iPad blend.


What is Twixl Publisher?

Twixl Publisher allows you to produce content apps for tablets & phones fully independently - from design to publishing in the app stores or within a private environment.
It is a content creation tool, an app creation tool and a distribution tool.

As a content creation tool it offers a plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC2015 (and CC2014/CC/CS6) that allows you to create interactive content for mobile devices.
But it also allows you to use fully HTML-based content created with any text-based or UI-based tool you prefer. A multitude of interactive content types are supported, such as photo slide shows, audio, video, web viewers and more.

The app creation tool is a stand-alone OS X application that lets you to create tablet apps, smartphone apps or universal apps for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Both single- and multi-issue applications can be published ad-hoc, in the app stores or deployed in-house ("enterprise").
In addition, a Web Reader export of your publications can be displayed in a browser on a desktop or notebook.

The distribution solution manages the distribution of your publications in the different app stores or in-house. It takes care of the storage, supports in-app purchases and subscriptions, manages who gets to download which of your publications and for how long, provides detailed analytics information and lets you to communicate with your subscribers by means of push notifications.

Subscription options

Twixl Publisher Single

Allows you to publish an unlimited number of single-issue apps for iOS and Android directly in the three app stores we support and to export Web Reader content for displaying in a browser. It is ideal for individual designers and smaller shops that regularly want to create cross-platform branded app store apps or iOS Enterprise apps.

Twixl Publisher One Multi

Allows you to publish one multi-issue app in the App Stores and provides access to the Twixl Distribution Platform, for managing and storing the different issues in your kiosk app. It also supports unlimited single-issue apps and Web Reader publications.

Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi

Allows you to publish an unlimited number of both single-issue and multi-issue apps in the App Stores and provides access to the Twixl Distribution Platform, for managing and storing the different issues in your kiosk apps. It also allows you to create an unlimited number of Web Reader exports for desktops and notebooks that can be deployed on any web server.

Multi-issue apps on the Twixl Distribution Platform support the use of in-app purchases and subscriptions, sending push notifications, and also allow PDF and HTML-based content to be displayed in your kiosk, in addition to Twixl's own enriched publications.

All subscription models allow you to create "ad hoc" or "test flight" test builds, app store apps as well as iOS enterprise apps.

Twixl Distribution Platform Pro Pack

This extra option allows you to make use of restricted access (entitlement) in your apps, both for app store or in-house use, allowing you to easily manage e.g. the profile and passwords of subscribers of a print edition, or the access privileges for in-house users and groups, etc.
The Pro Pack supports categories in kiosk applications so your content can be divided in different sections.

For a more detailed feature overview, check the Specs & Pricing page.

Five components

1. Twixl Publisher plug-in for InDesign on Windows & OS X

You create your complete publication in one environment. The design, the content and the enriched elements are all brought together in InDesign.

Twixl Publisher plug-in

2. Twixl Publisher app for OS X

This application allows you to build the apps, and converts the InDesign export into a ready-to-go iOS and/or Android app, either tablet only, phone only or universal.

Twixl Publisher OS X app

3. Twixl Viewer

The free Twixl Viewer app for iOS and Android allows a designer to send a preview of a publication from the InDesign plug-in to a device on the local Wifi network.

Twixl Viewer

4. Twixl Reader

The reader is embedded in every app and enables the app to interpret the files that have been exported from InDesign - exported files use the ".publication" extension, Twixl’s open format for digital publications.

Twixl Reader

5. Content Management & Distribution

The Twixl Distribution Platform allows you to manage the content in multi-issue (“kiosk”) apps, both for the app stores and for in-house distribution.

Twixl Distribution Platform

Migrating from Adobe DPS?

If you previously used Adobe DPS, our free Twixl Importer plug-in has got you covered!

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App Store Distribution

Manage and distribute content in multi-issue apps using the Twixl Distribution Platform.

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This publication contains copyrighted materials that can be used for demo purposes only. The icons, images and movies used in this publication cannot be used in other commercial or non-commercial applications.


Twixl Publisher is available for OS X and Windows.

Only the Twixl Viewer app can be installed on a mobile device.