1. Design your publication in InDesign

Design your publication, and start with a tablet layout of your choice, e.g. iPad landscape.
You will manage all articles in your publication in an InDesign “book” file.

Twixl Publisher plug-in

When you have finished creating your publication in one orientation and form factor, you can add alternate layouts as required, so that you can quickly create an iPad portrait version if you started with a landscape version, then add an Android tablet version, and possibly also a version for iPhone and Android phones based on the content in your original layout.

New Publication

2. Add interactive elements

The interactive options in the Twixl Publisher plug-in can be used to enrich your content:

  • add hyperlinks (page links or URL links)

  • add slide shows (with optional auto-play)

  • add audio

  • add video (embedded or streamed)

  • add scrollable and zoomable content

  • create “web viewers” or "web overlays" for integrating dynamic web content (external or embedded HTML)

  • add HTML5-based animations in web viewers

  • add image sequences for 360° views

  • add panorama VR walkthroughs

Web Viewer

If you previously used Adobe DPS, our free Twixl Importer plug-in (installed automatically with the Twixl Publisher plug-in) allows you to automatically convert most Adobe DPS Folio Overlay properties to their Twixl Publisher counterparts.

3. Preview your publication in the iOS simulator or directly on a device

If you want a preview of your publication, you can either send it to the iOS simulator for previewing on your Mac screen, or send it to an iOS or Android device on the local network, using the free Twixl Viewer app.

Web Viewer

4. Export the InDesign publication

The Twixl Publisher plug-in exports all the articles in your InDesign publication. Slide show images are exported separately, and audio, video and web content are also added to the export package.

5. Create the app and/or Web Reader

With the Twixl Publisher application, it takes just a couple of clicks to convert the InDesign export into a ready-to-go iOS and/or Android app, or to create Web Reader output for desktops and notebooks.

Twixl Publisher OS X app

Twixl Publisher Single allows you to create an unlimited number of single-issue apps for iPad and Android.

Twixl Publisher One Multi lets you create and publish one multi-issue app (in addition to unlimited number of single-issue apps)

Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi lets you create and as many multi-issue apps as you'd like (in addition to an unlimited number of single-issue apps).

6. You're ready to publish:

In the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore

The most common method of app distribution is via one or more App Stores. Once your app is ready you can create an ‘App Store’ build, and then submit it to Apple, Google or Amazon.

Single-issue App Store apps, once they are approved, will become available in th app stores for everyone to download. There are no download fees associated with single-issue apps. You can offer your app for free or as a paid app. For paid apps, the providers will get 30% of the revenue.

With multi-issue App Store apps, you will submit an "empty" kiosk to the app stores, and the different publications for that kiosk will be stored on the Twixl Distribution Platform.

App Store

In-house (private)

You can use Twixl Publisher's built-in tools for over over-the-air deployment, or you can use your own MDM (Mobile Device Management) system to distribute the enterprise apps internally.

Web Reader content (public or private)

You can deploy the Web Reader package on your own web server, and either make it available publicly, or put it in a password-protected area or behind a paywall.


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This publication contains copyrighted materials that can be used for demo purposes only. The icons, images and movies used in this publication cannot be used in other commercial or non-commercial applications.


Twixl Publisher is available for OS X and Windows.

Only the Twixl Viewer app can be installed on a mobile device.