What is the Twixl Reader SDK?

The Twixl Reader SDK is native Twixl code (for developers: a ‘static library’) that you can embed in your own custom app. You get the heart of our technology to use in your app. Our Reader SDK enables you to read and display .publication files (our own interactive publishing file format) within your own app.

Custom app

If you want to integrate our Twixl Reader SDK, this means you will always create your own fully customized app. You can use or integrate Twixl Publisher to create .publication files but you will not build the final app with Twixl Publisher.
You will build the final app yourself and you will integrate the Twixl Reader SDK to be able to read the .publication files.

How it works?

To understand what the Twixl Reader SDK is all about you should first understand how Twixl Publisher works. The Twixl Publisher solution consists of several components: the InDesign plug-in, the app builder, and the (iOS or Android) reader, i.e. the software that will be installed on the tablet.

After creating an interactive publication in InDesign, including all interactive features, you convert everything into a .publication package file. What the SDK does is to provide the ability to interpret ("read") this .publication format in a custom-made app (it also supports displaying HPub files and PDF files on iOS).

There are different ways to integrate the Twixl Reader SDK:

• Use it as a reader of .publication files, HPub or PDF files.
Create a custom app that is able to read and display the contents of .publication, HPub or PDF files. A typical example would be an app with your own custom kiosk/storefront, where you offer publications that have been created using Twixl Publisher.

• Start and stop external (native) code from within .publication files.
In this case the .publication will be the core of your app, but from within the publication you can start external (native) code for e.g. a native game, an enriched advertisement that goes beyond what HTML5 can offer, etc.


An overview of some frequently asked questions about the Twixl Reader SDK.

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Roularta Media Group has implemented the Twixl Reader SDK in their own custom apps.
Why ? What was their experience ?

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