In this app, the authors take you in text and photos to one of the most beautiful and varied cities in the Netherlands: Delft.

Delft is world famous. That sounds somewhat arrogant for a small city, but it really isn’t claiming too much. Everybody knows Delft blue, the burials of the Royal Orange family in the Nieuwe Kerk [New Church] are broadcast around the world, exhibitions of Delft painters such as Vermeer are guaranteed blockbusters, and the Technical University has been supplying world-class engineers for more than a century and a half. This App gives a picture of today’s Delft with photographs by Thijs Tuurenhout, divided into ten themes that characterise the city. Each theme has been provided with an introduction by historian Gerrit Verhoeven. These sketch the historical background - not exhaustively, but sufficient to understand how Delft has become what it is today: a small city with a great name.

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Released on: 12 january 2012

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