Twixl Publisher 4.1

Twixl Publisher allows you to create apps for tablets and phones fully independently, and publish them in one or more of the app stores (Apple’s App Store, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore), or distribute content in-house.

  • Smooth and intuitive
  • Affordable & cost-effective app building
  • Independent publishing
  • No coding knowledge required
  • From InDesign to iPad & iPhone, Android tablets & phones, Kindle Fire
  • Also supports publishing HTML-based content (HPub) and PDF (on iOS)

Depending on your requirements, you can either publish single-issue or multi-issue (kiosk) apps.

Twixl Publisher 4.1.4


Unlimited Single-issue Apps
Specs & Pricing

One Multi

1 Multi-issue App
Specs & Pricing

Unlimited Multi

Unlimited Multi-issue Apps
Specs & Pricing


How to publish in-house with Twixl Publisher With our Twixl Publisher 4.1 release last June, we merged the features of our Twixl Enterprise Kiosk...
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thursday, 9 july 2015

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tuesday, 30 june 2015

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wednesday, 24 june 2015

Twixl Publisher 4.0.10 maintenance release & 4.1 public beta Now available for download: a maintenance release 4.0.10 of Twixl Publisher, and at the same time,...
wednesday, 17 june 2015


Here's an overview of some recent apps that were created using Twixl Publisher.

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Twixl Publisher is available for OS X and Windows.

Only the Twixl Viewer app can be installed on a mobile device.