Adobe dropping DPS SE?
Look no further than Twixl Publisher Single!

Luk Dhondt 02-12-2014 Market

Adobe's decision to drop DPS Single Edition support from Creative Cloud in the near future caused quite a stir on social media and user forums in the last week of November. Adobe's intentions have now become very clear: to continue to target the high end of the market with DPS Pro and Enterprise editions, and to encourage all other users to move to fixed layout (FXL) ePUB for their digital publishing needs.

Lots of smaller publishers and agencies feel left out in the cold and think that they may be forced to upgrade to a paid DPS Pro plan. Consequently, they are also looking for alternative solutions. ePUB

While FXL ePUB certainly does have its merits, it may not be the best solution for everyone.

A couple of advantages of using ePUB when compared to single-issue apps

  • no need to go through the process of creating and building an app
  • no approval process with a risk of rejection
  • not limited to tablets
  • content is searchable

There are also a number of drawbacks for ePUB, however

  • only iOS and OS X have a default ePUB reader built-in (iBooks)
  • being tucked away in the iBookstore makes it even harder to get noticed
  • FXL ePUB created with InDesign is not as capable as DPS or Twixl interactivity
  • there is no support for offering subscriptions or entitlements if you publish periodicals
  • there is no support for gathering analytics information
  • with Twixl Publisher Single, we are offering a compelling solution for creating single-issue apps that offer the best of both worlds.

Here are some of the advantages of using the Twixl Publisher Single solution

  • unlimited subscription model (i.e. no 'pay-per-app' model)
  • create content for different platforms: iPads, Android tablets and "Web reader" versions for desktops and notebooks (with phone support coming in Q1 2015)
  • search capability built-in
  • gather Google analytics data from your readers
  • easy conversion from DPS using the free Twixl Importer
  • easy upgrade to a subscription for publishing multi-issue apps
  • top-notch support
DPS to Twixl For people making the move to migrate from Adobe DPS, we will be providing a free two-hour webinar that will explain Twixl Publisher's easy workflow, and provide an overview of the difference in approach of both solutions.

Twixl Publisher Single is available as a yearly subscription for €€750 / $850.

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Look no further than Twixl Publisher Single!

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