App Store Kiosk apps:
Moving from Urban Airship to
the Twixl Distribution Platform

Luk Dhondt 27-03-2013 News

If you are currently using Twixl Publisher to publish kiosk apps, you have been using Urban Airship services to do this.

As previously announced, we have been working on our own alternative solution to replace these services, and the Twixl Distribution Platform will go live soon.

If you want to move an existing app from using Urban Airship to using the Twixl Distribution Platform, here are the steps to take:
  1. Go and register for free on to get started testing your app in "ad hoc" mode
  2. Download the zip files for the issues you already published from Urban Airship
  3. Create a new app in the Distribution platform with the same Application Identifier as the one you used for your current app
  4. Add the references to the issues in the Distribution platform. Make sure you use the same product identifiers as well
  5. Upload the issues and publish them in chronological order (start with the oldest publication first)
  6. Define the subscriptions and make sure they have the same product IDs as in your Urban Airship configuration
  7. Create a new application using the Twixl Publisher Mac app (version 3.1 required). Make sure you use the same provisioning profile as the old application
  8. Once you are ready to publish an update of your app to the App Store, you should register for a 1-year subscription for access to the platform
IMPORTANT NOTE: As of Twixl Publisher version 3.1, creating apps that use Urban Airship services will no longer be supported. If you need to update an existing Urban Airship app or add new content to such an app, you should continue to use version 3.0.2.

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Moving from Urban Airship to
the Twixl Distribution Platform

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