Customizing the thumbnails of the thumbnail viewer

Pieter Claerhout 14-08-2012 How-To

Sometimes, specifically if you are using a lot of web viewer content in a Twixl Publisher publication, you may want to create your own thumbnails - these are used to create the thumbnail viewer as shown below. By default, the content of a web viewer will not be visible in the thumbnail. The same goes for panorama VR’s.
Here’s how to add your own thumbnails:

For each article where you want to use a custom thumbnail, you need to create an image with the following properties:
  • File Format: JPG
  • Dimensions for the portrait thumbnails (standard): 128 × 167 pixels
  • Dimensions for the portrait thumbnails (retina): 256 × 334 pixels
  • Dimensions for the landscape thumbnails (standard): 171 × 125 pixels
  • Dimensions for the landscape thumbnails retina: 342 × 250 pixels
The thumbnails need to be placed in the same folder as the InDesign files for the article. For best practice, you may want to keep both the different (portrait and landscape) articles and the publication (InDesign book) file within the same folder. That makes it easier to work with.

The thumbnail files need to have the same name as the article. If you use two orientations, then you’ll have two article documents: “Article_pt.indd” and “Article_ls.indd”.

For the normal thumbnails you should use the extension “.jpg” instead of “.indd”.

The iPad Retina thumbnails should add a suffix @2x to the file name, e.g. ArticleName_Pt@2x.jpg.

If you are using both portrait and landscape orientations, you’ll want to provide the custom thumbnail for both, but you are not required to do so. For articles where no custom thumbnail has been defined, the Twixl Publisher plug-in will generate one on the fly during the Export process.

A sample folder structure should then look as follows:

  • Article1_Pt.jpg (128 × 167 pixels)
  • Article1_Pt@2x.jpg (256 × 335 pixels)
  • Article1_Ls.indd
  • Article1_Ls.jpg (171 × 125 pixels)
  • Article1_Ls@2x.jpg (341 × 249 pixels)
  • Article2_Pt.indd
  • Article2_Pt.jpg
  • Article2_Pt@2x.jpg
  • Article2_Ls.indd
  • Article2_Ls.jpg
  • Article2_Ls@2x.jpg
  • MyPublication.indb

    If you are using alternate layouts in your publication, the filenames will be slightly different:

  • Article1_1024x768_Pt.jpg
  • Article1_1024x768_Pt@2x.jpg
  • Article1_1024x768_Ls.jpg
  • Article1_1024x768_Ls@2x.jpg
  • Article1_1280x800_Pt.jpg
  • Article1_1280x800_Pt@2x.jpg
  • Article1_1280x800_Ls.jpg
  • Article1_1280x800_Ls@2x.jpg
  • Article2.indd
  • Article2_1024x768_Pt.jpg
  • Article2_1024x768_Pt@2x.jpg
  • Article2_1024x768_Ls.jpg
  • Article2_1024x768_Ls@2x.jpg
  • Article2_1280x800_Pt.jpg
  • Article2_1280x800_Pt@2x.jpg
  • Article2_1280x800_Ls.jpg
  • Article2_1280x800_Ls@2x.jpg
  • MyPublication.indb

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