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Luk Dhondt 16-04-2014 How-To

We regularly receive requests about the types of statistics that are available for users of the Twixl Distribution Platform. Twixl_Distribution_Platform For a long time, Twixl Publisher has provided support for integration with a number of analytics engines (Google Analytics, Flurry or Localytics), that provide you with details about how readers are using your app, but the Twixl Distribution Platform also provides a number of built-in statistics about the number of downloads per issue/app.

The analytics integration that you gather from within the app using one of the analytics engines provides information like:
  • How many times has an article been visited
  • How many times has a page in an article been viewed
  • If there are user-controllable slide shows, how many of your readers displayed them
  • How many times did readers watch a movie or listen to a sound clip
  • How many articles were viewed in portrait and how many in landscape view
When you publish apps with the Twixl Distribution Platform, you also get the following types of statistics about your apps:

1. General Status overview for your account


The overview shows you have many downloads you used for all issues in all of your apps, and also displays the total number of push notifications sent to users' devices. It shows all apps in your account in a list view, detailing the number of issues and downloads per issue.

2. App Detail Page

AppDetail Clicking on an app name in the list overview brings you to the detail view for that app. There, the number of downloads, notifications and registered devices are shown, as well as the list of the different issues.

When you are in the app detail view, you can select 'Reports' from the toolbar at the top. Reports Selecting "Dashboard" give you a complete overview with different stats for your app.

3. Daily downloads

ReportDaily You can select the timeframe you want to see, and can also download an Excel file for further processing in any other application.

4. Issue statistics

ReportIssuesProvides download numbers and sizes per issue.

5. Devices and OS versions

ReportDevices_OS Here you get an overview of the type of tablets your readers are using, and which version of the OS they are running.

6. Countries

ReportCountries Provides a world map view and shows a list of downloads by country.

For more information about analytics integration, check our documentation.

You can register for a free trial account on the Twixl Distribution Platform.

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