Enabling social sharing in Twixl Publisher 3.3

Luk Dhondt 10-07-2013 How-To

Twixl Publisher 3.3, due out this week, will allow you to add sharing capabilities to your app. You can pre-configure the sharing message when building your app. 555-1 So how does it work ?

If you want to provide a sharing option to readers of your publication, first make sure the option "Allow Sharing on Social Media" is enabled in the Publication Properties of the plug-in. NewPub 2 IMPORTANT NOTE: Using the "Sharing" option also requires that you use the new Table of Contents viewer with the Title Bar Button. It cannot be used with the legacy thumbnail viewer. Also, on the iPad it requires iOS 6 or higher.

In the Build Settings of the Twixl Publisher application, under the "Sharing" tab, you can configure the default shared message for the different platforms: you can insert 3 different placeholders, i.e. Application Name, Publication Name and Article Title, and optionally add a (short) URL. Screenshot_02_07_13_14_11 Users will be able to share via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook (for iPad this requires iOS 6 or higher). They will be able to change the default message text before posting/sending, though.

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