How to implement company look & feel in your app

Luk Dhondt 18-07-2012 How-To

We all know how important it is to implement a recognizable look & feel for your company across all media.
Web site and print are tuned so they really catch the style of your company or magazine.
Why should your iPad app be different ? Well… it shouldn’t be!

We at Twixl media are hard at work on implementing some really cool features to allow you to do just that!

But there are some features that are already provided for you today:

1/ Customizing the Navigation bar & the Progress bar colors 

You can Change the color of the navigation bar, which will also be used for the progress bars that are displayed when you download a publication.

2/ Customizing  the Thumbnail viewer 

This enables you to change just about everything about the thumbnail viewer, such as the background, the opacity of the thumbnails themselves, etc.

You’ll do a better job at customizing the thumbnail viewer! I’m sure!

3/ Info page

The info page provides you with an option to link to an HTML page via a button in your kiosk/store overview. In the builder application, you can select the name of the button (such as e.g. “Help”). You can also select whether this page should be displayed on the first startup.
The contents of the HTML page is completely up to you. It can be used to display an intro to the app or provide the latest company news update. This content can be placed online or offline (embedded in the app).

Now, how do you change these settings? In the Twixl Publisher Builder application, you can change the build settings of your publication. On of the tabs of the Build Settings is called “UI”. There you’ll have the different customization options:

You can add the info page url in the Twixl Publisher Builder application via the tab called “Pro”:

Here are a couple of features that should make it into one of the updates that are planned for late summer:

  • Customizing the background of the grid and detail view of the kiosk. You’ll be able to include your company colors or some design feature to complement your publication covers in detail view.
  • Customizing the background for the cells in grid view of the kiosk. You’ll be able to choose your own gradient or remove the background altogether.
  • Customizing the buttons “Read”, “Download”, “Buy”, “Archive” and “Update”. You’ll be able to choose your own images to use as a background for your buttons. These could easily be the same style as the ones you use for your web site.
  • Info cell: Not to be confused with Info page (see above). This feature will enable you to display a header in the grid view of the kiosk, this will also be an html file. With all of this, you’ll be able to completely customize the kiosk store with animations, HTML5 sweetness and media elements.

Hopefully these tools can help you integrate the look and feel of your company inside your app.
Which will make your app more recognizable for your customers.
Be sure to send us your feedback !

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