How to replace your license

Luk Dhondt 07-06-2013 How-To

If you are an existing Bronze License customer and your want to take advantage of the new summer promotion that adds the ability to cretae 1 App Store Kiosk application you need to replace your license.

So how can you do this?

1. Find the email confirmation we sent with the license key. If you can't find that email, contact support and we will resend your license key. The copy the key.

2. Open Twixl Publisher Builder.

3. Open the Twixl Publlisher  menuLicence Information Menu 4. Select the "License Information..." menu option

5. Select "Replace License…"

License Information

6. Paste your license key and press OK

License input You are now ready to create a multi-issue application with Twixl Publisher Bronze Edition!

Have fun, and be creative !

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