Integrating "Entitlements" in an app. What's that all about?

Luk Dhondt 12-11-2013 How-To

Entitlements are a way to allow an external system to determine which content a specific user can have access to. In the world of magazines, this is most often used to allow print subscribers to automatically get access to the digital editions, without needing to purchase the same magazine a second time.

However, the entitlements solution in the Twixl Distribution Platform is flexible enough to implement use cases that go further than just allowing print subscribers to have access to the contents.

Entitlements support is a paid option for subscribers to the Twixl Distribution Platform.

Here are some other examples of what is possible:
  • Allow a user to register to access extra content
  • Allow a user to select a region or language when the app opens and get only the content for that specific region/language
  • Require a user to enter a license key before they can access the content
  • Require a user to accept a license agreement before they can access the content
Entitlements influence the list of issues that a user can see, download or purchase in the kiosk app. Note, however, that it does not influence the actual content of an issue itself. If a publisher wants to provide different content to different entitlement profiles, this can be accomplished by providing specific issues per profile.

To use entitlements in your app, you will need:
  • An App Store kiosk app (on iPad and/or Android)
  • An account and an app on the Twixl Distribution Platform
SafariScreenSnapz001 The Twixl Distribution Platform has built-in support for different types of ‘entitlements’:
  • Print Subscribers: for providing print subscribers free access to digital content - users can still see and purchase the different issues and also purchase a subscription through the App Store
  • User name & password: for a restriced access app, i.e. without a user name and password, users will not be able to access any content
  • Access Key: can be used for providing extra content to anyone with a valid access key
  • Sections: allows you to have content for e.g. multiple languages, regions in a single app, but by requiring the users to select a language/region… they will only see the content relevant for them
  • Custom Entitlements Server: allows the app to connect via a web service to an external database
For more technical information about integrating 'entitlements', please refer to our documentation site. A separate article details the integration with a custom entitlements server.

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