Migrating your Twixl Publisher installation to a new machine

Pieter Claerhout 28-08-2012 How-To

Sometimes, you need to move your Twixl Publisher installation from one machine to another. Although this is quite easy to do, there is some extra caution needed to preserve your certificates, private keys, license and build settings.

The Twixl Publisher Builder 2 Application

The first thing you need to copy if the Twixl Publisher 2 application. The application is stored under "Macintosh HD/Applications".

Moving your build settings

The build settings for Twixl Publisher are stored in the user preferences. The preferences file is stored in your user folder at "~/Library/Preferences/com.rovingbird.epublisher.builder.plist". You need to copy this file to the exact same location on the target machine. Starting with OS X Lion, the user library folder is hidden by default. To navigate to that Library folder, hold down the option key while selecting the "Go" menu in the Finder.

Moving your license key

Your license key is stored as a file on disk. You can find it under your user folder "~/Library/Application Support/Twixl Publisher Builder". You should also copy this to the exact same location on the target machine.

Moving your InDesign templates

Your InDesign templates are also stored in the Application Support folder. They can be found under your user folder "~/Library/Application Support/Twixl Publisher Plugin". Also copy this folder to the exact same location on the target machine.

Moving your developer identity

To easily copy your developer identity, basically all your provisioning profiles, certificates and private keys, we will use a functionality found in Xcode. After you've opened Xcode (which is in the Applications folder on your machine), you can go to the "Window" menu and then select "Organizer". Select "Devices" from the toolbar and select your team under the "Teams" in the left column. Then click on the "Export" button at the bottom of the window. You will be asked for a filename and a password. Make sure you remember the password as you won't be able to import the file later on. This will create a "developerprofile" file. This file contains a copy of all the certificates, private keys and provisioning profiles that are installed on your system. You can now copy this file to the target machine and double-click on it to import it into Xcode. Enter the password and all these items will be imported on your target computer.

That's all

To verify that everything was moved to your target machine, open the Twixl Publisher Builder 2 application and ensure all build settings are visible. Also make a preview and/or a real build to make sure the certificates and provisioning profiles were transferred correctly.

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