New Twixl Distribution Platform to launch in March

Luk Dhondt 30-01-2013 News

If you have been publishing multi-issue apps using our solution, you will be aware that Twixl Publisher has always worked in tandem with Urban Airships services to provide support for hosting the issue content and sending push notifications to the apps.

While we were initially very happy with how easily we could integrate this functionality in Twixl Publisher using Urban Airships library, we recently experienced a number of times that Urban Airship was not reacting as fast as we had hoped to changes in the App Store markets. On the other hand, we also felt that providing these services through an external party turned out not to be the most convenient solution for our customers.

Because of that, we started to work on our own Twixl Distribution Platform as a replacement for Urban Airship services some time ago.

This new platform will offer more flexibility, and will e.g. allow us to split publication content for different form factors, so that a retina iPad will only need to download the retina content, and a ‘standard’ iPad will only download the non-retina version. Once our Twixl Distribution Platform is in place, we will also at a later stage be able to add support for entitlements (e.g. provide free access to app content for print or web subscribers to a magazine).

We expect to have the new platform available by early March.

Coincidentally, we were recently informed by Urban Airship that they intend to stop providing in-app purchase services sometime in the future, but an exact timing has not yet been communicated. We are working with them to make sure existing customers are still capable of adding new content to their apps, while there will be time for them to transition to the new Twixl Distribution Platform once it’s available.

The Twixl Distribution Platform will offer the following features:
  • multi-platform web-based CMS
  • manage issues (in-app purchases)
  • manage subscriptions (duration)
  • link to iTunes Connect and Google Play
  • dashboard overview of downloads and bandwidth
  • send push notifications (free per new issue)
  • background downloading for Newsstand issues
  • integrated storage for issues, but DIY storage will also be an option
Are you interested in becoming a beta-tester? We will be back with more details as the Twixl Distribution Platform gets closer to launch.

If in the meantime you have any questions or issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

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