Synchronize your Twixl Publisher build settings with Dropbox

Luk Dhondt 20-01-2015 How-To

Here’s a little trick that allows you to synchronize your Build Settings folder using Dropbox, and make it available on multiple Macs. It requires you to use the Terminal app though.

First, go to the “Twixl Publisher” folder in “Application Support” in your home library: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Twixl Publisher/

You can use the Finder’s ‘Go to Folder’ menu option do find this folder, or otherwise hold down the ‘alt’ key while selecting the Go menu, and the Home Library will become available in the menu.

Now, move the folder “Build Settings” to a convenient location in your Dropbox, e.g. Dropbox/Apps/Twixl Publisher/ or any folder you prefer, and your build settings will start syncing.

In Terminal, then perform the following command (replace [username] with your own home directory name, and optionally change the Dropbox path):

This will create what is called a “symbolic link” in the Twixl Publisher Application Support folder that will refer to the Build Settings folder in Dropbox. You can then repeat the same process of creating a symbolic link on different machines.

Now you are able to keep the Twixl Publisher Build Settings in sync across devices.

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