The new debug window in kiosk apps

Luk Dhondt 23-07-2013 News

In order to allow us to easily gather more information if something goes wrong with a kiosk app that uses our Twixl Distribution Platform, we've integrated a hidden debug window in our kiosk apps.

You can call this window with a special gesture by double-tapping the title bar (where the app name is displayed).

Debug Window

The first thing you should notice are the 3 version numbers at the bottom: the first one is the app version, make sure that you have the latest version of your app to test with. The second one is the OS version, sometimes new versions of the OS may break some functions in the application, so it's important for us to know with which version of the OS you are currently testing. The third version number is the framework version, i.e. the version of Twixl Publisher that was used to create the app.

Now if there is something going wrong with the app, you can send us the debug information by tapping the "Send debug information" link. This will send a email to our support team, and they will analyse it to try and determine the cause of your problem. It is not necessary to contact support first to make the support team aware of your problem.

This debug information will allow us to more easily discover potential issues, and it allows you to focus on creating even more stunning and beautiful apps with a great user experience.

The debug window also contains a "register device" section, you need to use this to register your device as a test device for push notifications. This will allow you to test your push notification and send them to one or more specific devices. This is especially useful when you have an application in production, and you can test on a subset of devices first.

If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to .

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