Twixl media launches Twixl Reader SDK

Luk Dhondt 07-03-2013 News

Integrate Twixl Reader Technology in your own custom apps

The Twixl Reader SDK can be embedded in custom developed applications to read .publication files (our own Twixl Publisher file format), and to switch from .publication files to other native code and vice versa.

To use a technical term, we provide our "tablet reader" technology as a "static library" for developers.

.publication files are the enriched content files that can be generated using Twixl Publisher with InDesign.

A lot of publishers have developed their own custom app with specific kiosk features, purchase features and cross-selling features, but they still need to display content within these apps. Twixl Publisher enables them to produce these content files and the Reader SDK makes it possible to display these files within their custom app.

Our Twixl Reader SDK is available today for iOS and Android. A Windows 8/RT version is expected by Q3 of this year.

Custom implementation will be required and is being offered through our Solution Partner network.

The Twixl Reader SDK fits into our Independent approach of content developers and content distributors. We want publishers to be completely flexible in the app creation process and we think it is essential our customers can have full control over both the creation cost as well as the distribution cost.

If this new product may be what you are looking for, we invite you to take a look on our web site. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about the opportunities offered by our Twixl Reader SDK solution.

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