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Luk Dhondt 14-09-2012 News

We've been very busy here at Twixl media HQ over the last couple of months. We've complete revamped the Builder application, and gave it a completely new look. But don't worry, we are here to guide you through the changes. If you have any additional question please don't hesitate to contact us.

Check for updates

Every time you open Twixl Publisher 3, it will check your system configuration and give you the option to update certain components that may be required to create an app.
The first thing that's checked is the Twixl Publisher application itself. Note that we no longer call it Twixl Publisher builder, but just Twixl Publisher, just to keep it simple.
Second it will check if you have the InDesign plug-in installed and whether it's up to date.
Next it will check if you have the iOS SDK installed needed for creating iPad apps and whether it's the correct version. And last but not least it will check if you have the Android SDK installed and if it's up to date.
You will be able to call this system check any time by clicking the menu item "Check for updates..." in the Twixl Publisher menu.

Home screen

The place where all the magic begins. Here we have 3 buttons with the 3 main functions of the Twixl Publisher application.
  • Preview
    This option allows you to preview your publication on the iPad simulator, so you can check if you have configured all interactivity correctly. Although the iOS Simulator will match very closely what you'll see on an actual device, you should always double check your publication on a physical iPad as well, as there may be performance differences, etc.
  • Build
    This option allows you to build a single-issue, multi-issue or enterprise kiosk application depending on what your license allows you to. The first thing you'll want to do is to create a build setting. When creating a new build setting, a wizard will guide you through all available options required for creating an app. Especially if you are a first time user, the feature of creating a build setting via this wizard could come in handy.
  • Package
    This options allows you to package a publication for uploading to a Twixl Enterprise Kiosk app or to Urban Airship for inclusion in an App Store Kiosk app. This option is available only for Pro and Enterprise users.

Build settings

We have changed the build settings concept in this version: we now create a separate file for each build setting that you create. This gives you the opportunity to transfer build settings between different machines. It could also come in handy when migrating to a new machine. The build settings files are now stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Twixl Publisher/Build Settings, and you can copy them and move them to another machine. There you can simply double-click the files or open them in the application, and they will be installed automatically.
You can create a new build setting using the wizard by selecting the "Build" option in the home screen.
Alternatively, you can also create a build setting manually by choosing "Build Settings…" from the Twixl Publisher menu. Here you'll also find a number of more advanced settings.


Another major improvement, we think, is the way you install your licence. You will get an email, with a link, and following that link will open our application and install your license. You can also manually paste the license key that is included in the email in the Twixl Publisher application.We really hope you like all the changes and are convinced they will make our product even easier to use. Don't hesitate to send us your feedback!

Licensed users can already apply for a 3.0 upgrade key, as part of their maintenance.


The new documentation for Twixl Publisher 3 is available here.


The "Talisker" beta of our new application is now available for download.

Coming soon…

A new version of the InDesign plug-in is going to be available soon. Some of the highlights in this release will be:
  • Liquid layout/alternate layout support (CS6 only)
  • Preview on device (CS6 only - both for iPad and Android)
  • Nested interactivity
Hoping to hear from you all!

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