Twixl Publisher 3.0 Beta 2

Luk Dhondt 17-10-2012 News

When Twixl Publisher 3 Beta 1 was released one month ago, it focused on the completely new Builder application.
Today we are releasing Beta 2, a public beta, with a focus on the updated InDesign plug-in.
  • We added support for liquid layout/alternate layout in CS6 and are also adding a 'Preview on device' option in the plug-in. The new alternate layout support (CS6 only) allows you to also create optimized versions of your content for Android devices (Kindle Fire support coming soon), in addition to the iPad's 1024x768 format.
  • 'Preview on device', allows you to preview your publication on a device on the local network, running the 'Twixl Viewer' app. This viewer app will be a free download from the iOS App Store and from the Google Play store once the final 3.0 version ships.
We also made a number of other improvements:
  • support for nested interactivity: you can now add action buttons, hyperlinks, movies and sound clips to scrollable content or slide shows
  • new analytics options: we added support for Flurry and Localytics analytics (for Advanced and Pro users only)
  • UI customization: we now allow all UI elements of the App Store Kiosk to be customized (go to Build Settings and select the "App Store Kiosk User Interface" panel)
Licensed users of version 2.x can already apply for a 3.0 upgrade key as part of their maintenance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Twixl Publisher 3, you will need to enter your license information in both the Twixl Publisher OS X application, and in the InDesign plug-in.

Download 3.0 beta 2 - this version expires on November 15th, 2012.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Apps created with the beta will expire, so this version should not be used to submit App Store apps.

Need help ? Documentation for Twixl Publisher 3 is available here.

For all support questions, use the our support site.

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