Twixl Publisher 4.0 is now available

Luk Dhondt 28-01-2015 News

What's new in Twixl Publisher 4?

1. Support for publishing on phones

Twixl Publisher 4.0 for the first time lets you publish on phones (iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, and Android phones running 4.0.3 or higher).

In InDesign you can create an alternate layout for phones, in addition to layouts for iPad and Android tablets.

Alternate Layouts

You can now choose to create tablet only, phone only or universal apps.

Build Type

2. Create and publish HTML-based content

With Twixl Publisher 4.0, we are adding support for a new file format called HPub. An HPub publication is like an HTML5 microsite, that could also be rendered in a standard browser.

Content can be created using the HTML tools of your choice, then packaged according to the HPub specification.

HPub content

On top of that specification, Twixl Publisher also adds support for its own Table of Contents viewer, and Search and bookmarking capabilities.

HPub content can be used either in a single-issue or in a kiosk app.

Why HPub?

There are several advantages to using HTML-based content:
  • the same files can be used for displaying optimized content on tablets and phones with a responsive design
  • it's a flexible format that is not dependent on a specific creation tool like Adobe InDesign, and doesn't require different renditions
  • since it’s based on HTML, it allows you to use all the HTML/CSS/JS tricks available
  • since HPub is HTML and text-based, automating the creation is a lot easier
  • this approach lends itself to using a template-based workflow with structured data
The integrated and automated app building in Twixl Publisher makes sure that once your HTML content is ready, no coding is required to turn it into an app.

Combined with the power of the Twixl Distribution Platform, with support for in-app purchases, push notifications, entitlement, analytics, etc., Twixl Publisher 4 provides a compelling solution for anyone looking to publish HTML-based content apps.

Twixl Publisher 4.0 is currently supported on iOS (iPad & iPhone). Android support will be added later this quarter.

3. Rewritten Rendering Engine

Although it might not seem like a big deal, this brings some important changes to the user experience.

The way objects on a page are being drawn on screen in Twixl Publisher 4.0 has been greatly optimized and improved, so that interactive content now appears instantly while you are swiping from page to page.

Twixl Publisher 4.0 is now available on our download page. Make sure to also update the Twixl Viewer on your mobile device.

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