Twixl Publisher 4.1 is now available

Luk Dhondt 24-06-2015 News

We’re pleased to announce that Twixl Publisher 4.1 is now available for download!

So what’s new in this release?
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  • The integration of our Twixl Enterprise Kiosk solution with our Twixl Distribution Platform: use the new “Users & Groups” entitlement option for easy in-house publishing
  • Twixl previewing improvements – with an automatic detection of active devices on your network, you no longer need to manually enter an IP address for the Viewer device
  • Direct support for integrating Adobe Edge Animate or Tumult Hype .oam files
  • Support for using iBooks Author .wdgt files in a web viewer or web overlay
  • Define categories to provide different sections in a kiosk app
  • Improved background downloading, so that downloads will continue in the background when you exit the app, even if the device is put to sleep or if auto-lock is triggered

This release marks the merger of our Twixl Enterprise Kiosk solution with our Twixl Distribution Platform.
Previously we used to offer two solutions, one targeted at App Store publishing and one for Enterprise publishing. Now Twixl Publisher 4.1 and the Twixl Distribution Platform allow you to do both.

The Entitlement option on the Twixl Distribution Platform is now part of the Pro Pack.
In addition to existing entitlements options like “Print subscribers”, “Promo code”, etc. there is now a new option called “Users & Groups” targeted at in-house publishing.
This will allow companies to define which users and groups will get to see which content in their apps. Learn more…

The Pro Pack also lets you define categories to provide multiple sections in your multi-issue app.

Current subscribers to the Entitlement option will automatically be upgraded to the Pro Pack at no extra cost.

We continue to improve our solution and want to offer you an even better price vs. value proposition at a time where the rest of the market is increasing its prices and offering extra features only targeted at the high end of the market.

Do you want to learn more about the new features in Twixl Publisher 4.1 ? Watch the overview available on our video zone.

Twixl Publisher 4.1 is now available for download from our download page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in order to enjoy the new previewing options, you will not only need the updated version of the Twixl Publisher plug-in, but also of the Twixl Viewer app. The iOS version is currently waiting for review with Apple, the Android version will be available tomorrow.

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