Twixl Publisher 4.2 Public Beta now available

Luk Dhondt 03-11-2015 News

We’re pleased to announce that a public beta of Twixl Publisher 4.2 is now available for download!

This release is packed with new features.

Here are some of the most notable changes in Twixl Publisher 4.2:

  • Publications are now exported as PDF files instead of JPGs, resulting in much smaller files
  • Additional options are available for nesting different interactive elements 
  • Available options for different interactive elements have been streamlined
  • Easily put a specific issue of a kiosk app in the spotlight by marking it as “featured”
  • Support for Localytics allows you to send targeted push messages
  • Support for Google Play subscriptions
  • Native support for PDF files on Android as well
  • Navigate back in a publication through a special URL scheme

The move to PDF will result in much smaller files and will also obviate the need for multiple renditions per device type. Because of this, Twixl Publisher 4.2 will automatically support the iPad Pro and Android hi-res devices as well. Note, however, that you can still export as JPG to maintain compatibility with apps that have not yet been updated to Twixl Publisher 4.2.

We encourage you to download and test this release and share your feedback via our support forum. Note that you will also need a pre-release version of the Twixl Viewer 4.2, which is available here. Using this beta is not recommended for production apps.

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