Twixl Publisher 5: why switch from issue-based to article-based publishing

22-06-2016 News

One of the major changes brought by Twixl Publisher 5 is the different approach of how you publish your content.

Traditionally Twixl publications created in InDesign were published as monolithic issues in a kiosk app.

While the tradional magazine approach allowed you to get up and running quickly with your magazine, the down side was that the reader needed to download a complete issue first, before being able to start reading. Also, making a change to a single article in your issue required an update of the complete issue (and required the reader to re-download that issue).

Twixl Publisher 5’s new article-based approach (which by the way is an option, not a requirement) offers many advantages.

Here’s a concise list of just the major advantages that this approach offers to both publishers and readers:

  • smaller downloads, so more bandwidth friendly
  • download on demand, which gives readers faster access to content (with intelligent caching and pre-loading)
  • support for multiple file types (InDesign articles , HTML articles, PDF, movies, images, …)
  • integration with workflow solutions like Canvasflow, TruEdit, vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise and Inception
  • much more flexible content presentation
  • most app display options can be set server-side and changed on the fly

In an article-based app, created with Twixl Publisher 5, the terms ‘single-issue’ and ‘multi-issue’ are no longer relevant - legacy single-issue apps could e.g. migrate to an article-based TP5 app where each article is easily updatable separately, instead of having to post an update of the complete single-issue app.

If you want to convert existing apps, we made the process a bit easier for you, by allowing you to upload a complete Twixl .publication file to an article-based app, and then this publication will be split into a series of .article content items in your new app.

So get started today and find out for yourself how much you can improve the experience for the readers of your apps.

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