Twixl Publisher 5.1 is now available - what's new ?

15-09-2016 News

We just released Twixl Publisher 5.1, the first feature release after our introduction of Twixl Publisher 5 in June.

So what's new ?

  • New Entitlement option: use an Adobe DPS/AEM Mobile direct entitlement  server
  • Support for content item links
  • Support for externally managed content
  • Use custom fonts in web content
  • Entitlements "required on startup" cannow be used in article-based apps
  • Substantial performance improvements on slower devices
  • Vastly improved unzipping on Android

Adobe DPS/AEM Mobile direct entitlement API

If you are thinking about migrating from Adobe DPS to Twixl Publisher, and you are currently using Adobe own direct entitlement API, then we now let you transparently move to our solution without having tomake any changes on the side of the entitlement server. Twixl entitlement server will act as a “go-between” between the app and the Adobe direct entitlement server.

We support both v1 and v2 versions of the API.

Content item links

This is a new type of link that allows you to re-use a particular content item (article) in multiple collections. You can also apply a different cell style for the link if you wish. When updating the original content item, the changes will be reflected in content item links as well.

Externally managed content

This is a new app-level setting for article-based apps, that is meant to be used when you push content from an external CMS (say Canvasflow, Inception, TruEdit, etc.).
With this setting all content items and collections will become read-only in the Twixl Distribution Platform, and all content will be managed from the CMS.

Use custom fonts in web content

Twixl Publisher 5 introduced a feature where custom fonts can be uploaded for use your cell styles. Now these same fonts can be used in your HTML articles, so you don't need to include the font information in every article. All custom fonts are downloaded at first launch, so make sure to only upload fonts that are actually used.

Entitlements required at startup

This option can now be used in article-based apps as well. If you want to require a login when a reader opens your app, you can set this option for your root collection.

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Apart from the usual number of bug fixes and improvements, we made changes to image rendering so that performance on slower devices has been much improved. We also were able to vastly improve the unzipping speed on Android.

Download the new update [here](

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