Twixl Publisher 5.6: the users' choice

Luk Dhondt 12-12-2017 News

This release is all about optimizing different features and capabilities in our solution. Many of the items in this release have been introduced based on user feedback, so it’s nice to be able to please lots of customers with a plethora of both small and bigger improvements.

Here’s an overview of what’s new:

Download improvements:

- Download of data now continues correctly even when the app is in the background.
- Whenever the app returns from the background, an automatic refresh of the content is forced. So if new content is available, it will be visible immediately.
- For those publishers that prefer it, there is now an app setting on the Twixl Distribution Platform to hide the download icon that allows the download of a complete collection.

New features in the Twixl Publisher InDesign plug-in:

- An Image Sequence now has auto-play options, similar to the ones you have been used to for Slide Shows

Improvements to the 'hamburger menu' and the table of contents:

- When you use a 'hamburger menu' in your app, we now display both the hamburger menu and the table of contents icon when navigating in InDesign or HTML articles.

Other important features and improvements:

- Support for the iPhone X has been added, and we now use Xcode 9 to build iOS apps.
- There is now an easy way to import fonts from the impressive **Google Fonts** directory for use a custom font in your article-based app.
- We’ve added an extra type of app user, the ‘**App Report Viewer**'. This user will have access to only the reports section of one or more apps.
- When building a web reader, you can now optionally add the iTunes application ID to automatically display a banner telling the user that there is a native iOS app available as well.
- We rewrote the rendering engine for PDFs on iOS, so that it now uses a lot less disk space and a lot less CPU.
- The performance of Image Sequences has been improved.
- Panorama VR's now render properly again on iOS.
- The minimum requirement Android is now version 4.4 and be informed that with the release of TP6 this will be increased to Android 5.

We invite you to download this release and as it's another big release (the third one this year) it is always recommended to update your app.

We are really pleased by the response we get from our users. this lets us continue to improve our solution based on user feedback. One by one, each of those features enriches our solution!

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