Twixl Publisher release 5.2 is now available

28-03-2017 News

We have just released Twixl Publisher 5.2. So what's new in this version?

  • Paywall improvements
  • A new "Embedded Web Viewer" content item
  • Custom templates for content sources
  • Content Item Aliases
  • Export a Twixl publication (InDesign book) as separate .article files
  • 1Password integration for the Twixl App Reviewer on iOS
  • Changes to Panorama VR

Paywall improvements

We redesigned the look and feel of the paywall, and will now display the single in-app purchase separately from the subscriptions options (if any). We also display the extra information for in-app purchases as you have defined them in iTunes Connect and/or Google Play.

New “Embedded Web Viewer” content item

Whereas an “inline web viewer” allows you to display an http(s) URL in a Web Viewer, the “embedded web viewer” let you upload a zipped HTML article or .oam file as the source for the web viewer.

Custom templates for content sources

If you use the content sources option for integrating an RSS feed in your app, you can now create your own custom template that determines how that RSS content is displayed. Just select the ‘Content Templates’ item from the app menu, then duplicate an existing template and start editing it.

Content Item Alias

We have renamed “Content Item Link” to “Content Item Alias” to better reflect what it is. Basically a content item alias allows you to re-use the same content item in different locations in your app, possibly also applying a different cell style.

Export Twixl publication as separate .article files

Instead of exporting an InDesign book as one Twixl .publication package file, you can now export the complete book as separate .article files as well. Just select the new “Separate articles” under the Export options.

1Password Integration

The iOS version of the Twixl App Reviewer has added support for the 1Password App Extension. If you have 1Password installed on your device, you can now access your 1Password Logins to automatically fill in your account information.

Panorama VR

In this release, we have changed how to implement a Panorama VR in your InDesign articles/publications. You will now use an HTML5-export from Pano2VR and include it in your InDesign document as a web viewer.

Select "Check for updates…" in the macOS app or download the new release here.

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