Using background music
in a Twixl publication

Luk Dhondt 11-09-2014 InDesign

As of Twixl Publisher 3.6, we now support the ability of playing background music in a publication.

The article properties now show a new option to select a Playlist. Article Properties So how does it work ?

Getting Started

Each article in a publication can be linked to a specific playlist.

A playlist is a folder containing one or more MP3 files that are played in alphabetical order, and are played in a loop.

A playlist can span several articles (or even the complete publication) by assigning the same playlist to multiple articles.

The playlist can be selected in the Article Properties.


To give an example:
  • Article1: plays playlist1
  • Article2: plays playlist1
  • Article3: plays playlist2
  • Article4: plays playlist3
When swiping from Article 1 to Article 2, since they are sharing the same playlist, the background music will keep on playing without interruption.

Also, when moving from page to page within the same article, the music will keep on playing.

However, when navigating from Article 2 to Article 3, playlist 1 will stop playing and playlist 2 will start playing.

When an article doesn't have a playlist defined, no background music will play at all.

The music will only play while the app is active and in the foreground. When the user switches to his/her homescreen or to a different app, the music will be paused.

Toolbar Icon

Depending on the status of the background music, the toolbar will display an icon:
  • No background music: there's no extra icon
  • Background music is playing: a pause icon is displayed in the upper right corner of the toolbar IMG_0628
  • Background music is paused: a play icon is displayed in the upper right corner of the toolbar IMG_0629
The play/pause button starts or pauses the background music playback.

Interaction with other movies and sounds

Background music will interact with other sound clips or movie clips on a page.

At any time, only one will be playing.

When a movie or sound starts playing, the background music is paused.

When the movie or sound stops playing, the background music will resume (if it was playing).

NOTE: on an iPad, if a movie has no sound track, the background music will keep playing when the movie starts.

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in a Twixl publication

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