Using hyperlinks in a Twixl publication

Luk Dhondt 22-04-2014 InDesign

There are different ways you can add hyperlinks to your Twixl publications:

Using the "HyperLinks palette InDesignScreenSnapz002 Using the "Buttons and Forms" palette InDesignScreenSnapz003

1. Using the "Hyperlinks" palette

This panel is available by selecting Window -> Interactive -> Hyperlinks. Three types of hyperlinks are supported:
  • Page link
  • URL link
  • Email link
Select the object or highlight the text you want to define as a link, then choose "New Hyperlink…..." from the palette, select the link type and enter the appropriate information.

Note that page hyperlinks from portrait pages have to navigate to another portait page, and hyperlinks from landscape pages have to navigate to another landscape page.

A hyperlink that links to an external (http) URL will open a browser popup window for that URL above the publication. Once the reader has finished using the browser, tapping the "Done" button of the browser popup will bring the publication back to the foreground.

A mail link can bring up a popup mail window to an email address with an optional subject. Once the e-mail has been sent, the publication returns to the foreground.

Important note: if you want to turn text information into a hyperlink, it may seem logical to select the text in the text block, then turn it into a hyperlink. Depending on the point size of your text however, you may decide to place a transparent rectangle on top of the text and attach the hyperlink to that, so you can be sure the hit target is big enough (Apple recommends a minimum size of 44 x 44 pixels for such targets).

2. Using the "Buttons and Forms" palette

This panel is available by selecting Window -> Interactive -> Buttons and Forms

Any graphic object in InDesign can be turned into a button that triggers a specific action. Define a button for an object, use the default event type "On Release or Tap", and attach an action.

Important note: only a specific number of options in the Action menu are supported by Twixl Publisher, i.e.
  • Go To First/Last/Next/Previous Page
  • Go To URL
  • Play a Sound
  • Play a Video
  • Go To Page
  • Go To State (of a multi-state object - slide show)
  • Go To Next/Previous State

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