Using promo codes as a teaser for paid content

Luk Dhondt 30-10-2014 How-To

If you are a publisher of kiosk apps with paid content, then sometimes you may want to promote your publication by making an issue free. The disadvantage of this is that you make that particular issue available to anyone who downloads your app.

The "Promo code" entitlements option that was recently added on the Twixl Distribution Platform allows you to be more flexible.

If you go to the detail page of an app on the Twixl Distribution Platform, the "Promo code" is one of the options available when you select the "Entitlements" tab.

Article Properties When you select this mode for your app, you can also determine the exact name of the button in the title bar of your app, that will trigger the promo code window being displayed, such as 'Redeem code' … Article Properties Promo codes can then be entered manually: select 'Add promo code', type the code you want to use, and select the number of times that this promo code can be claimed. Leave this field blank if you want the promo code to be redeemed without limitations. Then select the issue that a reader will be able to download for free after claiming the code.

If you have a large number of codes, you can use our Entitlements Admin API to automate the upload procedure.

For an overview of what's possible with Entitlements, check out the video below:

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