Why switch from a single-issue to a multi-issue app?

07-01-2016 Market

Perhaps you are using Twixl Publisher today to create single-issue apps.
We at Twixl media are happy about that but we think you could do an even better job when switching your app(s) to multi-issue.

Why is this?

  • The contents of single-issues app are fully hosted on the app stores. The advantage of this is that you don’t have any download cost, but the disadvantage is that the publication file needs to contain all the renditions you want to support, especially when you have an app with support for both tablets and phones. This cause your publication files to become rather large and makes your readers download files they don’t need. When working with a multi-issue app, your publication could be up to 4 times smaller in file size than with a single-issue app because using our Twixl Distribution Platform we will make sure your readers will download only the files they need.
  • Video in your app can also be turned into streaming video on the Twixl Distribution Platform at no extra cost, just by checking a single checkbox. This makes your publication file even smaller and the time needed for downloading even shorter.
  • Readers working with a multi-issue application are more engaged and you can send them push notifications.
  • It is also easier to update your content. You can publish new content in your app on the fly and don't need to wait for the app review team to approve it. You can also keep older content and you can organise it better.

We understand the download cost and the license cost are two very valid arguments to publish single-issue apps. However, do look at the number of downloads you have today and note that as part of a subscription for One Multi (i.e. one kiosk app), 5.000 downloads are included every year.

The yearly subscription fee is only €1.000 / $1,100 extra and it still lets you create an unlimited number of single-issue apps. So why not try and switch one of your projects to a multi-issue app?

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