Why you should move from JPG to PDF-based publications

09-02-2016 News

With the recently introduced 4.2 release, Twixl Publisher added the possibility to export your InDesign articles as PDF files instead of the JPG files that were used prevously.

For those who are not aware of exactly how Twixl Publisher works, here’s a bit of background:
You create and enrich your content in InDesign. Once you are satisfied with the result, you export an article or a complete publication, which will create a package with the extension ".publication".  
Until now, the Twixl .publication content was always based on JPG images. With release 4.2, you can now have PDF-based Twixl publications instead.

There are three reasons why we now offer this capability and why it would be better for you to start using the PDF-based format:

  • Better image quality 
  • Much smaller file sizes, sometimes up to 4 times smaller
  • No need for multiple renditions per device type

The better image quality is important as it allows us to also provide perfect images and text on e.g. the iPad Pro and high-res Android devices.
The lower file size will make the time needed to download publications a lot shorter. The new streaming option for video that was added in 4.2 allows you to optimise your download size even more.
Looking at a future where we will move to article-based publishing and downloads by download volume (per Tb) instead of by download count it is in your best interest to start optimising your publication size today. That way you can avoid that legacy content will have big influence on your download cost and be able to serve even more readers with the download credits you have at your disposal.
Another reason to switch to the PDF-based format is that it's no longer necessary to generate a separate iPad Standard Resolution and iPad Retina version, and also there's now only one instead of three renditions for phones.

Having file sizes which, on average, will be up to 4 times smaller is a major advantage for you and your readers. They will be able to access your content more quickly and this is the most important aspect.

Keep in mind you will need to submit a 4.2-based update of your app first in order to use PDF-based Twixl publications. Details are available here.

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