Twixl media offers more than just software for mobile publishing. We have a plug and play solution but we are well aware that every customer may have specific needs.

That is why we also offer the Twixl Reader SDK, so you can add Twixl publication reading capabilities in your own custom made apps.  Our publication format is an open format, and can easily be integrated in your own automated workflow.

We offer training, implementation, consulting and development services.


Customers regularly suggest feature requests for Twixl Publisher. We will always evaluate these with our complete customer base and our own vision in mind, and will always respond as to why we think this may or may not be something we would like to implement…

While we also offer custom development, it is always our intention to make such "custom" features a part of the standard solution, to be able to guarantee easy updating in the future.

As any customer-focused company we try to listen to our clients and predict how the market will evolve in the next couple of years. Our users are not only the creators of apps but also the readers of the content in those apps. Providing them the ultimate reading experience is our goal.


Being one of the major players in the market for mobile publishing and active since 2007 we have a lot of experience with publishers, agencies and even the enterprise market in general all over the world. Defining a mobile publishing project is not an easy thing to do.  Along with our local partners, we have a quite a bit of experience to share with you. Talk to us and we can help you better understand your case, provide some new insight and explain what your options are.


Mastering a solution comes first. Even before making the choice between different solutions you need to be confident about your ability to work fluently with that solution.

Training our customers is a very important aspect of our activity.      

First, all our Solution Partners are all trained so that they are able to train their customers. Second, a lot of individual professional trainers worldwide offer their services on a freelance basis. They all participated in an intensive training about our products and then, after an online test, have become a Twixl Certified Trainer.

While our main focus is to train our partners, we occasionally offer trainings for professional trainers or teachers in education (schools, training institutes, …). Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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