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Published by Editora Trip since 2006, AUDI MAGAZINE integrates the portfolio of publications of the German carmaker based in Ingolstadt.
Always organized around a specific theme, Audi Magazine is a luxury magazine. Its editorial formula is a mild and responsible journalism, raising issues around the lifestyle of characters representing the brand values ​​and technological excellence, but also the design, the value of tradition, the audacity of modernity.
Published on a quarterly basis, the publication has the support of the Brotherhood Audi Magazine, a gathering of talent participating in all editions with suggestions of guidelines, exclusive columns, formed by Alex Atala, Marcello Serpa, Gilberto Elkins, JR Duran, Leão Serva, Tuca Reinés and Ciro Pirondi.
The test drive - more dedicated to the pleasure of driving a new Audi than the excellence of their performance - to Pages Silver - always a chat with prominent figures reflecting on the issues of our time, through fashion, new behavioral trends , consumption, technology etc., the big interviews set the tone of the publication.

The iPad reading experience is valued for videos, music tracks, animations and sound effects, photo galleries and links to social networks.

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