Colmar Mag


Colmar Mag is about everything that’s going on in the city of Colmar, France: info about the museums, sports and cultural activities, architecture, sustainable development, and the daily life in Colmar.

With this magazine the city wants to support its dynamic identity and this is exactly what it does. It provides an overview and in-depth information about different projects that have recently been realized in the city.
The app uses browse pages in a very attractive and natural way, the content is always enriched in a non-disturbing fashion, the reader is always in control.
Some of the articles are available in both French and English.
With this app the city now has a dynamic tool to communicate with everyone who is interested to find out what to do in the city.

This app has won the third price at the 'Trophées de la communication' in Cannes in 2016 in the category Best tablet & phone application.


Type of application

Multi-issue, article based


Ville de Colmar


Available on tablet and phone

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