Graham Peace Design (GPD) offers a freelance publishing consultation service. Designing, developing and delivering clients branded content - cost effectively - across multiple platforms and media.

Creating successful, striking publishing solutions that reach and resonate with target markets - amplifying messages that fit within brand ecosystems in a rapidly changing media landscape.

Within the ‘GPD Enterprise’ app, you’ll find an overview of creative that’s been designed and developed working on, and with, over 50 magazines and brands across the fields of both newsstand and corporate publishing.

This app has been developed, utilizing the latest HTML5 digital publishing techniques and technology from ‘Twixl media’ and ‘Canvasflow’

Resulting in a fully device responsive, article based publishing solution, which can be viewed universally across iOS and Android, tablet and mobile phone devices.

Demonstrating that you can connect your content to your audience with a cost effective digital publishing solution that offers…

Article based publishing – the ability to edit, amend, add or take down your content from an app - after it’s published, whenever and wherever you wish. Maintaining your apps value and relevance to your audience by publishing collections or stand-alone articles - campaign, evergreen and news - as frequently or infrequently as required. Resulting in a constantly evolving, updated and relevant, brand touch point that acts as a mobile content hub through which to distribute your message.

Segmented content - published to authorized groups with entitlement signing - enterprise publishing!

Mobile sharing - Share your app’s content across your social media network.

And full Google Analytics - provide tracking of browsing, interacting and sharing behaviours - producing useful statistics for the purpose of evaluating and developing your content and app.

Type of application



Graham Peace Design


Article-based app, content was created with Canvasflow and uses restricted acces to present projects to clients

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