La Tavola


La Tavola is a Swiss travel and food magazine.

The content is InDesign-based and published in an article-based app. They have a classic kiosk approach and publish each monthly issue as a separate collection. All content is paid content but they do offer a free preview where they introduce the table of contents and provide a link to buy the monthly issue.

The content itself is nicely enriched, just enough to support the articles. The loading of each article is extremely smooth, meaning they really optimized the load of each article (or Twixl Publisher is performing really well ;-)

Most of the articles are multi-page and they include at least one full-page ad. Again implemented in a smooth, and non-intrusive way, most often on the last page of an article. This is advertising the way it should be on mobile. 

Type of application

Article-based app with InDesign-based content


AVD Goldach AG


Preview of paid content

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