MIT Technology review


This is a classic magazine app with one browse page to introduce all the issues.
All content is pushed from WoodWing Aurora (Inception) and the first article forms a table of contents.

They introduce every issue and beneath that introduction they provide an overview of the issue.
There is a separate table of contents per issue and a hamburger menu that will bring you back to the issue overview page, and let you login/log out, search through the content or go to the website.
The layout of the articles is well done, easy to read, most of the time in long pages without much enrichment.

The app is available on phone and tablet and comes at a cost that is comparable to just publishing PDFs but providing an optimal reading experience that you would expect on a mobile device.
When it comes to being cost effective and still provide a pleasant reading experience on any type of mobile device this is absolutely the way to go.

Type of application



Technology Review incorporated


Article-based app with content from WoodWing Aurora (Inception) + Hamburger menu

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