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The app

Twice a year Volvo Cars releases a new edition of their car magazine in about 25 different countries, and in 60 different editions. This magazine promotes new models, special editions, new technological innovations, seasonal offers, travel articles, etc.

The official My Volvo Magazine for tablet is packed with news, articles, offers and inspiration. In short, it’s everything you need to enjoy life with your Volvo. 

Extended articles, films and photographs • Useful links to explore the world of Volvo • Latest news and information • Service and accessory offers • Nice Instagram integration

The app is available on tablet and phone.

The agency

Stendahls, the Göteborg-based agency that created the app, was developing apps using Adobe DPS and switched to Twixl Publisher in August of 2013. According to Thomaz Gustafsson, Stendahls’ CIO, the decision to move to Twixl Publisher was initially inspired by the pricing policy, but on further evaluation, they were very pleased by the flexibility and the scalability of the Twixl product portfolio and also by the agency approach.

When switching from one solution to another, there’s always the question of whether the transition will go smoothly. In the case of Twixl Publisher, says Thomaz, they not only saved money on the licensing and download cost but also on the creation process itself, which was something they had not expected.

‘The software is just so easy to use, proofing is such an improvement compared to DPS and our biggest gain was in the area of deployment.”

Type of application

Article- based


The app received a gold and silver award at the 2015 Swedish Design Awards

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