The Road Bike Manual


The Road Bike Manual from Haynes and BikeRadar is a comprehensive bike repair and maintenance guide for riders who are passionate about their bike’s well-being. You’ll learn how to fix and repair your bike and keep it safely on the road with thorough step-by-step tutorials and videos. 

With dozens of videos and hundreds of images, this app covers all aspects of road bike repair and everyday maintenance. 
It explains everything you need to know about your road bike’s brakes, drivetrain, wheels, cockpit, frame and much, much more. Plus, you’ll discover how a banana peel or a handful of grass can be just the life-saver you need when disaster strikes. 

In the ‘Get Me Home’ section you’ll get some emergency repair tips, learning how to make inner-tube and tyre fixes using common objects you can find around you. You’ll also learn how to get home with a broken handle bar, even damaged wheels and chains. 

We find this app very well designed, with a perfect mix of video, text content and images to explain how to maintain and repair your bike, in a comprehensive way. This app is a perfect example of what an app should offer in comparison to a print manual.
It is using the ‘mobile’ medium to present the content in a more flexible way than traditional print can. In addition they keep adding new content every month, keeping the app up to date.

Type of application

Interactive manual


J.H. Haynes & Co. Limited


Article-based app with hamburger menu for tablets & phones

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