Twixl Reader SDK

The Twixl Reader SDK is native Twixl code (for developers: a ‘static library’) that you can embed in your own custom app. You get the heart of our technology to use in your app.
Our Reader SDK enables you to read and display .publication files (our own interactive publishing file format) within your own app.


If you want to integrate our Twixl Reader SDK, this means you will always create your own fully customized app. You can use or integrate Twixl Publisher to create .publication files but you will not build the final app with Twixl Publisher.
You will build the final app yourself and you will integrate the Twixl Reader SDK to be able to read the .publication files.


To understand what the Twixl Reader SDK is all about you should first understand how Twixl Publisher works. The Twixl Publisher solution consists of several components: the InDesign plug-in, the app builder, and the (iOS or Android) reader, i.e. the software that will be installed on the tablet.

After creating an interactive publication in InDesign, including all interactive features, you convert everything into a .publication package file. What the SDK does is to provide the ability to interpret ("read") this .publication format in a custom-made app (it also supports displaying PDF files).

There are different ways to integrate the Twixl Reader SDK:

  • Use it as a reader of .publication or PDF files. Create a custom app that is able to read and display the contents of .publication or PDF files. A typical example would be an app with your own custom kiosk/storefront, where you offer publications that have been created using Twixl Publisher.
  • Start and stop external (native) code from within .publication files. In this case the .publication will be the core of your app, but from within the publication you can start external (native) code for e.g. a native game, an enriched advertisement that goes beyond what HTML5 can offer, etc.


  • have your own Storefront with your own specific features.
  • have a specific app where you would like to integrate .publication content.
  • Lower the production cost of your custom apps.
  • control the complete distribution process and related costs of your apps.
  • host the content of your publications yourself.



Many larger publishers have InDesign-based content that they want to convert into apps. They usually have InDesign content from the print version as well as interactive content but they do not want to create a separate tablet layout from scratch. They want to use template-based layouts so they can generate an optimized tablet format (semi-automatically). Our publishing format (.publication) is an open specification, and is documented for Twixl Publisher and SDK licensees. It allows the functionality of our InDesign plugin to be integrated in a larger workflow.

Apart from creation process, content publishers have specific needs for their apps and they often turn to custom-developed apps, because that way they can easily integrate specific shop features, cross-selling features, etc. Our SDK enables reading of Twixl Publisher .publication files within these custom apps.

So the open Twixl Publisher .publication specification lets to turn interactive InDesign content into a tablet-readable format and the Twixl Reader SDK lets you integrate a reader in your custom app that can than read this format.


  • integrate Twixl Publisher within your template-based workflow.
  • lower the production cost of your tablet publications.
  • shorten the time to market of your tablet publications.



The Twixl Reader SDK can be integrated in any type of app (productivity, game, functional or content) that also needs to display content in such a way that document layout is paramount. Agencies and developers that are developing custom apps can integrate our SDK in their apps to be able to read content that originated in InDesign.
A native game app could use our Twixl Reader SDK to display an interactive user manual created in InDesign, and enhanced with our Twixl Publisher plug-in.

A native shopping app could embed product brochures made in InDesign. A native presentation app could integrate InDesign content enhanced with our Twixl Publisher plug-in, but could also include the option of displaying sophisticated 3D renderings (that would not be possible in a web viewer).

Combining native development with layout-based interactive content (translated into .publication files using Twixl Publisher) allows developers and agencies to be very cost-effective, to recycle existing materials and to work with different types of profiles (creative designers and web developers) on the same project.

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