Twixl Publisher 10
Your creativity,
Our ingenuity

Start using Twixl Publisher immediately, preview the result on your device, share your creations with a colleague or client, publish in-house or to the app-stores.

Twixl Publisher (yearly subscription) One Four Unlimited
Create & publish article-based apps 1 4 Unlimited
for iOS and Android (phone/tablet/universal)
for the Apple App Store, Google Play store or In-house
Publish your app in a browser
Publish Enriched InDesign content
Publish HTML content
Publish PDF files
Unlimited push notifications
Bandwidth volume per year 2 TB 8 TB 20 TB
Support, free updates & upgrades
Pricing €1.950 Buy €5.500 Buy €20.000 Buy
One Four Unlimited

Entitlement Pack (yearly subscription)

Built-in: Print subscribers, Users & Groups, Access key, Promo code,
Adobe DPS AEM direct entitlement API
Custom entitlement via API
Content segmentation via advanced scripting

€1.250 €2.500 Included

Integration API (yearly subscription)

€1.250 €2.500 Included

Automated content sources (yearly subscription)

€1.250 €2.500 Included

Custom domain for Browser Client (One-time fee)

€1.250 €2.500 Included

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