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  • Preview on your tablet with the free Twixl Viewer app.
  • Create single-issue test builds for iPad & Android.
  • Create in-house “ad hoc” builds for iPad.

Publications exported with the trial version will display a short 'Created with Twixl Publisher' message when opening the publication.

Twixl Publisher consists of different components:
  • Twixl Publisher plug-in for InDesign CC2014/CC/CS6
    Export your interactive content from InDesign (for OS X or Windows)

  • Twixl Publisher application for OS X
    Use the exported InDesign content to preview or to create an "Ad Hoc" build to install on your iPad or Android tablet outside of the App Store.

  • Twixl Distribution Platform
    Apply for a free trial account and test in-app purchase and subscription features in a multi-issue app,

What's new in Twixl Publisher 3.7

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use this version to submit apps to the App Stores. You can, however, easily test out this new version, then revert to the current 3.6.3 release.

Easy publication sharing

With Twixl Publisher 3.7, sharing an interactive publication with a colleague, a customer or a proofreader is now as easy as can be. Check out this 5-minute movie to see how this works. A publication can be shared from the Twixl Publisher plug-in or from the OS X app.

The current beta supports sharing on the iPad only. Support for sharing on Android tablets is forthcoming.

Integrated upload to the Twixl Distribution Platform

If you need to add a new issue to a kiosk app on the Twixl Distribution Platform, you can now do this directly from the Twixl Publisher OS X app.

New interface

Because we added both of the functions above, we took the time to redesign the interface for both the InDesign plug-in and the OS X app.

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This publication contains copyrighted materials that can be used for demo purposes only. The icons, images and movies used in this publication cannot be used in other commercial or non-commercial applications.


Twixl Publisher is available for OS X and Windows.

Only the Twixl Viewer app can be installed on a mobile device.