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Twixl media is specialised in developing mobile publishing solutions for publishers, agencies & the enterprise market. It is our goal to provide our customers the tools to create enhanced publications that will allow them to offer their readers an exciting, powerful and engaging reading experience across different devices and platforms.

Our goal from the start was to develop a solution that allows non-programmers to create content for mobile devices. The challenge is to offer a solution that is so flexible that it suits a majority of the needs of our customers at a better price than custom development.
We wanted to offer a complete solution for creating the content, creating the apps and web pages and distributing the content through the app stores or through private distribution. On the other hand we need to integrate with different solutions that are already in place at our customers. e.g. content management systems.

Our customers want to be in control and want our tools to fit in their existing workflow. They want a combination of different best in class tools. This is also our philosophy. We work on being the best mobile publishing tool on the market! 

We focus on mobile, we are passionate and we want to deliver above

When adding features to our product, we always have the the ease of use on our mind, both for creators and readers. What can we improve upon, which part of the workflow can be streamlined, what’s the initial goal, …
When comparing Twixl Publisher with competitive solutions, the comment we receive the most from our customers is:

“It’s that easy ?”

and this really gives us satisfaction and the energy to keep on challenging ourselves.

Software is not only about a product itself, but also about support and training. This is why our support is free and available for both customers and testers. 
We are deeply convinced of the strength of our product and we shout it out loud and clear. But at no point do we want to be perceived as arrogant. We focus on those areas where we can excel, and customer satisfaction is certainly one of them. By helping our customers solve their problems, we can better understand how we can keep improving our products.
Add to this our network of resellers and independent trainers, that can provide you the best in class courses about our tools.

No nonsense is part of our DNA. It’s the way we work, the way we develop, the way we think and the reason why our products are so easy in use. On the other hand it is also the way we communicate. Direct, to the point, no surprises.

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